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We have implemented a unique business concept on the market of consulting and implementation of cost optimisation solutions in enterprises. Leveraging the exceptional expertise of our team, we have chosen the best models of generating quick and permanent savings in procurement, delivery chain and commodity circulation. We have improved some of these methods, making them simple and efficient in the hands of our clients. While working on projects concerning organizational and process optimization, we simultaneously provide our clients with a possibility of using a wide range of products and services. Thanks to our expertise gained in large production and corporate companies, we are confident in their terms of trade.

We save your time and you ressources.

Individual approach to the client

Individual approach to the client

Most of the clients tell us that their industry is a specific one. Without our consultants examining the structure of a given business as well as gaining an in-depth knowledge about it, our business model will not work. We consider each client, regardless of their industry, size and sophistication, to be a new and exciting challenge.



What makes us unique, is the lack of acceptance for mediocrity understood as a compromise in the scope of quality, ethics, work standards and achieved results. Business hates void. We understand that maintaining a competitive edge demands perfection. Thus, we implement a policy that combines the best aspects of a modern business.

Experienced team

Experienced team

Our company co-operates with high-performance professionals that we have met during 25 years of our operation. We offer a maximum coverage of competence for product and service categories within the scope of goods they can potentially acquire.

Moreover, we decided to offer some of our consulting services free of charge to help expand the knowledge of clients' employees. We also help them achieve a permanent change in the methods of managing the effectiveness of delivery chain and procurement.


Our key competence are two elements:

A wide network of consultants that are specialized certain appliable know how areas...

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Our standards

Check our standards.

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Eastern European Sourcing Office

Our offer adressed to Retail Companies: Benchmarcking => Sourcing => Contracting => Customs => Transportation => Supplier Development & New Product Development (NPD)

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