Kingfisher PLC/sprawdz referencję

Project Title:

Procurement Organisation Transformation Support


Kingfisher was looking for compleataly new procurement organisation setup and best practice working methods. That imense leading role was taken by an Ex-Ikea Manager Magnus Carlsson, where our consultants prepared complementary program that defined Supplier Relationship Managment, Supplier Manufacturing Excelence Program, Supply Chain Managment Cost Program and Kingfisher Vendor Development Program. We were in charge also for the practical implementation of the programs at 30 choesen Kingfisher Suppliers.

Case detials:

The main procurement organisation of kingfisher was splited amnong 8 different brands and was defined as part FTE responsibility at the local retial chain in the job description of Manager's being in charge for the machandising goals.


A central product design/development organisation and procurement organisation was implemented and trained. The product range underwent a strong unification that resulted in significat financial saving.


6 months

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